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Approving of Renting Buildings Policies Manual

The Cabinet has approved the "Manual" submitted by the Minister of Finance, and delegated that the Minister duly make the necessary periodical and annual amendments.

The manual summarises the policies and procedures of renting federal government buildings and properties. The aim of this manual is to document and standardise procedures, such as contracts, and to monitor operations in an obligatory and detailed framework in accordance with the laws. It also aims to regulate the relations with tenants to ensure optimum utilisation of properties and providing the public with the best services possible.

According to the manual terms, the Under Secretary/Director at the concerned federal entity shall be responsible for ensuring commitment to the implementation of these terms and conditions, and any updates to the manual. The head of the Properties Renting Committee constituted at such an entity shall be responsible for the implementation of the manual, monitoring, following-up on any violations and reporting them to management.

Each committee shall develop a price list as a reference to ensure the principles of justice and equal opportunities for investors wishing to rent and these lists shall be made available for small and medium-sized enterprises. The committee will also be involved in organising and following-up on contract procedures, building relationships with the tenants, dealing with customer complaints and ensuring maintenance, insurance, safety, and security in all leased buildings and properties.

The manual categorises the types of properties governed by these policies and procedures as follows:

  • Service centres (printing, photocopy, transaction clearance, and similar activities)
  • Gift, flower, and confectionery shops, etc...
  • Canteens, cafeterias and coffee shops
  • Spaces for ATMs, self-service machines, and the like
  • Storehouses
  • Any spaces that can be rented for a term of one year or more

Cabinet Resolution No.7/186 and /24 of 2015 The text of policies and procedures of renting federal government buildings and properties manual​