E-Dirham cards balance redemption service

This service allows customers to recover the balance held in second generation e-dirham Al Haslah cards( Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and Green), as well as the e11 cards (Hala, Gold, and Signature) through application for the same at website of the Ministry of Finance.


  1. Log in to the Ministry’s website by using your digital ID and submit a balance redemption request attached with all the required documents
  2. The bank issues a new card for the customer, and then the remaining balance in the e-dirham card is transferred to the new card after deducting a fee of 100 dirhams in favor of the bank for providing the service and issuance of the new card
  3. The bank sends the new card to the customer through the contracted delivery companies to his address registered with the bank
  4. The customer activates the new card so that the bank can transfer the balance to the new card


100 dirhams

Duration of service provision

For E11 cards (Signature, Gold, Hala) the service will be implemented within 10 working days.

For Al Haslah cards (Golden, Red, Green, Silver, Blue) the procedure will be implemented within 30 working days

Target Audience

Individuals/ Corporates

Responsible Department

General Revenue Government

Location of service provision


Responsible Officer

Call Center 800533336

First Abu Dhabi Bank 600 525 500

Requirements to get the service

  1. Login through UAE PASS
  2. Copy of card or copy of receipt
  3. Card Expiry date within 5 years
  4. Balance not less than AED 100
  5. Attach all required documents

Required Documents

Card issued to individuals:
• Emirates ID card
• E-Dirham card
• Passport copy

Card issued to companies:
o Emirates ID card
o Letter of authorization from the company
o A copy of the trade license