Annual Reports

In accordance with disclosure standards, MoF issues an annual report in the first quarter of every year that follows the guidelines of the global initiatives on annual reporting. This includes showcasing achievements and impacts of MoF work on the financial, economic, competitive, social, and environmental levels. Each report includes as much data and facts as possible. It also provides a scientific analysis of the information to offer effective recommendations and suggestions. 

The purpose of issuing this annual report is to document MoF work for reference, help in planning the Ministry’s future activities, analyze performance and productivity indicators and measure customers’ satisfaction. This report is considered an institutional document issued constantly to be the reliable important reference.


WGS MoF report 2023.


MoF Annual report 2022.


MoF Annual report 2021.


National Achievements For Promising Financial Future – annual Report 2020


MoF Annual report 2019. (Arabic Only)


Digital MOF Annual Report 2018


MOF Annual Report 2017


MOF Annual Report 2016


MOF Annual Report 2015


Statistics Report 2010-1014
MOF Strategy of Excellence & Sustainability


Ministry of Finance Annual report 2012 (Arabic Only)

Statistical reports on the Gulf Common Market (GCM)

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) issues an annual statistical report to document and update the public and interested parties on the achievements of economic integration and GCM. By Data, figures and illustrations, the report shows numbers of licenses granted to practice commercial, industrial, and investment activities. The report also reveals the total number of licenses granted to bank branches, registered property contracts, insurance policies extended to GCC nationals. It also shows the number of beneficiaries of the social, educational and health services provided to GCC nationals within the UAE in line with the resolutions issued by the GCC Council.

Here are a set of statistical reports of the previous years…​


Statistical report of the Gulf common market areas for 2016



UAE Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Report 2015 ( Arabic Only)


UAE Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Report 2014 (Arabic Only)


UAE Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Report 2013 (Arabic Only) 


UAE Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Report 2012 (Arabic Only) 


UAE Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Report 2011 (Arabic Only)


UAE Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Report 2010-2014. (Arabic Only)

MoF Index

MoF issues its periodic “MoF Index” online that includes of MoF news, interviews with a leading figure, reports and statistics on the federal budget, press coverage of events, training courses, activities organized by the Ministry in thes field of social responsibility and articles that reflect views of professionals.

The newsletter aims at strengthening communication with partners inside and outside of the UAE, distributing knowledge and interacting with readers.

Here are the newsletter details…


Ministry of Finance e-Newsletter – 44th edition


Articles of Agreement

Financial and Economic Newsletter / E-newsletters

The Media Team of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) records press coverage on local and global levels, as well as across the Arab region. It focuses on news and reports of financial, economic, investment, banking sectors, decrees, laws, procedures related to financial and economic activities and the position of UAE in regards to Global Competitiveness and credit rating. The team records news and reports in an e-newsbrief on this web page to make the top news published in newspapers available to the society online.

Here is our periodic, awareness-raising newsletter that focuses on introducing the program of switching federal government to accounting principles on a growth basis in regards to preparing the budget in accordance with the Consolidated Financial Procedures and Policies Manual.

This newsletter presents the advantages, outcomes, and expected impacts of implementing the program on key personnel, financial and accounting standards, policies, regulations, procedures, and legislations.

Here are the details of its editions.


Newsletter (3) transformation program accrual basis of accounting. (Arabic Only)


Financial march .. achievements and successes of the Ministry of Finance (on the occasion of the National Day 43). (Arabic Only)


A special supplement on the GCC financial and economic integration. (Arabic Only)


Guiding manuals related to federal financial procedures and its rules, regulations and updates are published here to share them with employees of ministries and federal entities who are required to follow the Consolidated Financial Procedures.

These procedures include the budgeting process, rules of allocating costs and employees to services and activities, rules of preparing the Final Account, rules of closing fiscal periods and more. These manuals consolidate the procedures and speed up the preparation process of performance reports to further enhance efficient planning.

Here are the details of the recent manuals issued by MoF.


Strategic partnerships are an effective tool in supporting comprehensive and sustainable development efforts (Arabic Only)


Guiding principles for Supervisory Authorities

Innovative Releases

This page allows you to access all the innovative digital publications issued by MoF, files and studies that use technologies to ensure an easy and simple access to information and data.

This page includes as well initiatives launched by the Ministry and awareness publications that contain valuable tips and advice, which enhance knowledge value in the financial field and government work in line with local and international trends.


MBRIF Achievements report 2016/2020