Transfer of financial allocations between chapters and programs

Examining the federal entities applications for transferring the budget items, groups, and disbursement chapters, as needed, and sending them to the concerned entities after approval


  1. The federal entity enters the budget preparation system
  2. The federal entity shall enter the transfer data on the automated budget preparation system
  3. Sending the transfer via the automated budget preparation system to the Ministry of Finance
  4. Receiving the transfer application from the automated budget preparation system
  5. Automatically passing the transfer from the system in case it fulfills the conditions and rules of the transfer system
  6. Reviewing the transfer by the responsible researcher in case the transfer exceeds and does not comply with the conditions and rules
  7. Approval/Rejection of the transfer on the automated budget preparation system


No fees

Duration of service provision

4 working days

Target Audience

Government sector

Responsible Department

General Budget

Location of service provision


Requirements to get the service​

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Required Documents

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