Report on whistleblowing cases

Secure and confidential communication channel that can be accessed by all stakeholders associated with the Ministry (employees, customers, suppliers, partners, society…etc.) through which they can submit their Whistleblowing reports with good intentions about any corruption-violations that occurred or will occur in the Ministry of Finance without any fear of retaliation


  1. Applying for the request through the electronic system/smart application for submitting confidential communications regarding suspicious cases
  2. Fill out the online form for the service
  3. Click on the send bottom to send the report


No fees

Duration of service provision

30 working days

Target Audience

Government Sector / Private Sector / Individuals

Responsible Department

Internal Audit Office

Location of service provision

Mobile App

Responsible Officer

Call Center 800533336

Requirements to get the service

  • You have reasonable and solid reasons to believe that the information in the report pertains to the Ministry of Finance and is correct and necessary to detect a serious criminal offense or serious inappropriate circumstances (i.e., provided in good faith)
  • That the report includes specific and clear information that reflects reasonable knowledge or suspicious that will help to verify the accuracy of the report

Required Documents

Not Available

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About Ministry

About Ministry