Processing requests from federal entities regarding real estate properties of the federal government

Processing requests and inquiries received from federal entities related to federal real estate properties

Types of requests:

  • Retrieval of federal lands granted by local governments
  • Receipt of federal properties
  • Demolition of federal properties
  • Utilization of federal properties


  1. Submit an official letter from the Federal entity to Ministry of Finance
  2. The application is considered and analyzed by Ministry of Finance
  3. Ministry of Finance implements the required procedure
  4. The federal entity is notified of the status of the submitted application


No fees

Duration of service provision

10 working days

Target Audience

Government Sector

Responsible Department

Government Properties

Location of service provision

As per the procedures

Responsible Officer

Call Center 800533336

Requirements to get the service

Federal entities must provide the Ministry of Finance with official documents and related data in the application submitted regarding federal properties, for the following matters:

Retrieval of federal lands granted by local governments:

  1. Correspondence between the federal entity and the local government
  2. A statement from the federal entity that it has no objection to handing over the plot of land in return for the specified compensation
  3. Obtaining a clearance certificate for all public service dues on the land/building


Receipt of federal properties: Completion certificate / building receipt report

Demolition of federal properties:

  1. Statement of the construction condition of the building to be demolished
  2. Statement of the purpose of demolition
  3. Statement of the federal entity that will bear the cost of demolition
  4. Plan of use for the land after demolition


Leasing federal properties:

  1. An official document proving the ownership/use of the real estate property to be leased by the federal entity
  2. The existence of a rental request directed from the requesting party to the party that has a vacant space
  3. The property meets the security and safety conditions when handing it over to the tenant
  4. Use the standard rental contract form

Utilization of federal properties

  1. Purpose of exploitation
  2. The nature of the exploitation

Required Documents

Official supporting documents for federal real estate properties