Submitting inquiries for federal entities' accounting

Responding to accounting inquiries in accordance with laws, decisions, circulars, evidence and procedures issued by the Ministry of Finance through generative artificial intelligence.


  1. Login
  2. Select the service from the government services menu
  3. Write the required inquiry
  4. Attach any necessary documents (if available) 
  5. Provide a response to the inquiry through artificial intelligence, and in case the response is not satisfactory, a ticket will be automatically generated by the digital system based on the conversation with the user, and communication will be resumed to respond to the inquiry submitted by the user.


No fees

Duration of service provision

At the same time

Target Audience

Government sector

Responsible Department

Accounts & Financial Systems Department

Location of service provision

Website - Mobile

Responsible Officer

Call Center

Requirements to get the service​

The applicant must be an employee of the financial government sector under the relevant authority (Finance).

Required Documents

Not Available


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About Ministry

About Ministry