Register suppliers in the Federal Supplier Register

Registering Suppliers who desire to provide goods and/or services to the Federal Government


  1. Register through the website
  2. Provide basic Supplier details on the Procurement System
  3. Upload relevant documents based on the Supplier type
  4. Accept Terms & Conditions
  5. The Ministry will notify the supplier via email on the approval or rejection of the registration request


No fees

Duration of service provision

30 working days

Target Audience

Private Sector

Responsible Department

Accounting Policies and Procedures

Location of service provision


Responsible Officer

Call Center 800533336


This service requires having a registered user on the Ministry website

Requirements to get the service

The following supplier types are permitted to register with the Federal Government:

  • Domestic Supplier: Companies who are located and provide goods and/or services in the UAE. (ie. not located in a UAE free zone)
  • Free Zone Supplier: Companies that are in free zone areas inside the UAE
  • Foreign Supplier: Companies located outside of the UAE, and without a branch in the UAE
  • Productive Family: Emirati families and people of determination that can provide high quality and sustainable art and craft goods to federal entities
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Small and Medium enterprises are defined as per the approved definition by the Ministry of Economy
  • Freelancer: Individuals residing in the UAE or outside who have a Freelancer license and can provide services to federal entities
  • None of the suppliers/partners may be employees of the federal entity with which the contract is made
  • To accept the terms and conditions
  • The Ministry of Finance may, according to its internal estimates and standards, refuse to accept an application for supplier registration or cancel its registration either with or without reason, and without any responsibility towards the supplier

Required Documents

  • Required documents shall vary as per respective supplier types
  • The supplier shall be required to upload respective documents during the registration process on the Procurement System