SMEs are a key pillar in the UAE’s vision for advancing the national economy

Supporting the Pioneers

Supporting the growth of SMEs is a priority on the Ministry of Finance’s agenda

Establishing your own business is a critical step towards securing your future and ensuring financial independence. The UAE’s thriving SME sector is a key driver for sustainable development, helping to unlock the potential of the economy and providing it with incentives for growth, diversity, flexibility and innovation. In line with its mission to make the UAE a global business hub and a promising destination for small- and medium-sized businesses, the Ministry of Finance has launched advanced digital solutions to create a business-friendly and encouraging environment for business owners and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the Ministry offers various forms of sponsorship that cover all stages of building and developing these thriving businesses and promising projects.


Ensuring a business-friendly environment for SME's

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Business opportunities and contracts for companies

Federal Supplier Register

If you are a SME owner or an entrepreneur, you can register your company in the Federal Supplier Register to apply for all government bids and tenders proposed by federal government entities.

Funding solutions
Guarantee Scheme

Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund

If you have a company with a unique and innovative idea in the UAE, we are working towards achieving affordable financing and ease of getting loans from financial institutes by offering a government-backed guarantee, in line with our mission to support the innovation environment and drive the future of the UAE economy.

Customised support services
Accelerator services

Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund

We provide the below tailored programs that offer customised non-financial support, allowing innovators to excel in their projects:

  • Strategic direction and business model articulation
  • Easy access to markets
  • Access to talent and specialised competencies
  • Access to financial assessment and strategy review

Entrepreneurial UAE Nationals

Enjoy exclusive offers and incentives

10% of total federal purchases are allocated to SMEs owned by nationals to obtain a share of government business.

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Incentive packages for companies

We offer you a number of incentives including:

  • 50% discount on first-time registration in the Federal Supplier Register
  • Free registration renewals
  • Exempting SMEs from paying the registration fees for the first two years from the establishment date
  • Giving 10% price preference to SMEs
  • Free tender booklet

New digital solutions!

Government Procurement Platform

A digitally advanced platform is currently under development to:

  • Improve the efficiency of government procurement processes.
  • Accelerate and facilitate contracting between government entities and private businesses
  • Increase business opportunities

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