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It is a certificate issued to companies or individuals for exemptions from Status of Business / Business Person in various countries, regardless of the existence of the Convention or not.

The applicant must have been a resident of the UAE for at least 180 days. Also an annual lease agreement officially documented by the competent authorities, such as EJARI in Dubai, municipalities in other emirates and free zone authorities must be attached to the application.

You can make a career in the Ministry of Finance through the registry on the Careers page and you will be contacted about the availability of vacancy.

​Contact: 026987611

The company must have been established for a period of at least one year. Financial accounts must be audited by an accredited audit firm and attached with other required documents to the application. The audited financial accounts must be prepared by an accredited audit firm. The report must be certified and stamped by the audit firm.

The audit financial report to be attached to the application must be covering the year for which the certificate is requested. If the certificate is requested for the present year, the audit report must be covering the past year.

The certificate is valid for a period of one year from the date of issue (the date is selected by customer).

The form should be sent with a copy of the certificate to the competent officials at MoF via email or express courier. Upon signing and stamping the form, it will be sent back to the customer by express courier.

  • Bank Statement: The bank statement must be issued by a local bank in UAE.
  • If the applicant is:
    1. A housewife: The application must be attached to a copy of Marriage Certificate, a copy of the passports and permits of residence of the married couple, as well as a bank statement, a salary certificate and an employment contract of the husband and the other required documents related to the husband.
    2. An investor: The application must be attached to the company license including partners’ names, in addition to the other required documents.

For individuals & companies:

  1. A request letter signed by the authorised signatory
  2. A copy of the decree and act of incorporation

To register, suppliers must meet requirements and submit required documents through the ministry’s website www.mof.gov.ae, or smart application.

Services provided includes registering new suppliers, renewing registration (annually), submitting quotes, printing a payment receipt, receiving a purchase order, and creating a vendor invoice.

The conditions for registering in the supplier services include: the presence of a UAE national partner or service agent**, while foreign branch companies of free zones located within the UAE’s borders and outside the free zone must register, and all suppliers wishing to register must pay the fees.

**Note: Please note that the new UAE Commercial Companies Law recently adopted and published in the Newspaper of the Ministry of Justice stipulated that it is possible to deal with companies without the need for a partner or national service agent, and therefore until the new law takes effect the current conditions will be adopted but will be amended in the future on the basis of the new UAE Commercial Companies Law.

Registration requires the submission of a license issued by any of the economic development departments.

Registration fees are AED 500, while the annual renewal is free of charge.

Not long ago, MoF updated the system procedures in order to simplify the customer’s journey, increase the satisfaction of suppliers and increase the number of companies in the system, the measures taken include:

  • Providing registration services on the home page of MoF’s website to facilitate registration
  • Reducing the number of required attachments from five to just one, which is the Department of Economic Development license
  • Creating a single account for suppliers without having to require them to create a different account on the Ministry of Finance’s website
  • Launching the new payment gateway and activating the possibility of paying with other cards such as Visa and MasterCard
  • Sending a notice from the system as the business license is nearing completion so that the supplier can renew

More than 8,500 registered companies.

The UAE Cabinet has issued Resolution No. (37) of 2020 on amending certain provisions of Cabinet Resolution No. (4) of 2019 on Procurement Regulation and Storehouse Management in Federal Government. The decision included:

  • Reduction of registration fees for suppliers in Federal Supplier Register by 50% from AED 1,000 to AED 500
  • Cancellation of registration renewal fees – renewal will be free
  • Cancellation of fees for selling tender documents in federal entities (ministries and authorities)

The UAE Cabinet issued Resolution No. (4) of 2019 on Procurement Regulation and Storehouse Management in Federal Government. The decision included:

  • SMEs’ exemption from paying registration fees for the first two years of the company’s founding
  • Giving a 10% price preference to SMEs when evaluating bids

Also, UAE Cabinet Resolution No. (290/14وأ/2) of 2012 includes directing 10% of the procurement value to SME owners.

Productive families were exempt from paying registration or renewal fees in the Federal Supplier Register

Please note that the new UAE Commercial Companies Law recently adopted and published in the Newspaper of the Ministry of Justice stipulated that it is possible to deal with companies without the need for a partner or national service agent. Until the new law takes effect, the current conditions will be adopted. The conditions will be amended in the future as per the new UAE Commercial Companies Law.

No, the supplier’s existent account is used for renewal.

Trade License from Department of Economic Development

Suppliers can be registered through the MoF website.

It is a card issued by the Ministry of Labour.

Registration covers all ministries and is for all the Emirates

Smart Reporting System (Tableau) is one of the ministry’s technological initiatives that processes, and analyses federal entities data to provide reports and recommendations that support decision making.

The Smart Reporting system offers many advantages, including data analysis, user-driven reporting, and real-time reporting. It also provides the possibility of automating reports, provides the highest standards of transparency, enables cash and liquidity management. It also represents a basis for decision-making and enables the display and follow-up of budget implementation and expenditure tracking, and it’s a system tailored to the requirements of users.

There are several areas for the application of the Tableau such as: a support request screen, a call center screen, a budget execution screen, a service display screen, a performance and financial indicators screen, a supplier follow-up and purchase cycle screen, and cash management screen.

The automated e-refund system is a system through which the client submits the request for refund of the fees paid by mistake to the concerned authority with all the documents required to confirm the eligibility for restitution. The request is then reviewed by the financial department of the concerned authority, where it will be audited and approved by the controller of the Ministry of Finance, who will take measures to transfer the amount back to the client’s bank account. The e-refund system was developed to submit applications that will be reviewed by the Ministry of Finance in order to reduce delivery time and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • The automated e-refund system provides a self-contained portal for customers to register and apply for a refund, without having to go to the customer center or the concerned entity.
  • The system makes it easier for ministries to extract detailed transaction reports for auditing and auditing purposes
  • The system speeds up the customer’s journey in submitting applications and the time to respond to requests submitted to each entity
  1. The customer submits an application electronically through the e-refund system with the provision of the required proofs
  2. The request is directly transformed into the authority’s auditor:
    1. If the transaction is approved, the transaction will be transferred to the FMIS audit system from the Ministry of Finance, and after checking the transaction through FMIS, a bank transfer will be prepared to refund the amount on the client’s bank account.
    2. If the transaction is not approved, the request is returned to the customer with an explanation, and if the request is rejected thereafter, the request is returned to the customer with an explanation and whether it requires additional attachments to be submitted to the system.

The amount of the customer will be refunded within a maximum of 5 business days.

The Ministry of Finance is the owner of the e-refund system. It follows up on all customers’ requests from all ministries and provides support to any challenges a customer may face. The customer must submit their request to the system and follow up with the relevant ministry. A refund request may be submitted by individuals or companies.

  • The most important documents required for individuals include: the UAE ID card and the e-Dirham receipt copy (other proofs may be requested from the relevant ministry depending on the type of transaction)
  • The most important documents required for companies include: a commercial license and a copy of the e-Dirham receipt (other proofs may be requested from the relevant ministry depending on the type of transaction)

It is the payment receipt number (reference number) of 12 digits.

Please check the RRN reference number and contact the relevant Ministry to make sure that you can retrieve the transaction.

Please make sure that the names of attachments are different for example: attachment01, attachment02, etc.

Please check with the ministry that owns the service to ensure that all fees are refundable as some fees cannot be refunded such as insurance/service delivery fees etc.

Please make sure that the account of the individual or establishment is used by the applicant, to avoid rejecting the request from the ministry of the service owner.

Please note that if the application is accepted and the amount is returned, it will be returned to the bank account under the name of the applicant or the company after a review and audit by the Ministry that owns the service.

Please note that the e-refund system in its current version is only for federal ministries, please contact the relevant authority to report this matter, but your observation has been taken into account and the new version of the revenue refund system is currently being developed to include the authority among the entities that use the e-refund system.

Please note that following up on your application in the event of completion of the first and second rounds of approvals, or in the event of any refund delay should through the ministry that provides these services. Kindly provide us your application number so that we can reach out to the relevant entity and expedite the process of your refund – upon approval.

The outstanding amount will be refunded if it meets all the required conditions within 5 business days from the date of application until the completion of the audit and follow-up to complete your transaction.

The UAE has adopted a comprehensive system to protect workers and strictly enforced its labour laws. Any concerns or violations can be reported and a labour complaint can be registered online to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation through the following link: Register a complaint

The UAE government is active in the global fight to combat human trafficking. Find out how you can report trafficking issues and obtain support here: Report human trafficking

If you or someone you know has been subjected to sexual abuse or exploitation at work, you can also register a labour complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation here: Complaint on workplace abuse

The UAE’s Federal Institutions and Ministries aim to gender balance between males and females. Read useful information and statistics that indicate the progress achieved by the UAE on the issue of gender balance: Read about gender balance in the UA

The UAE aims to become one of the world’s safest cyberspaces and strict laws govern all digital and cyber activities. These include standards for maintaining user data and service data, processes and programs of the Ministry of Finance, which are being developed to the highest international standards.

Any ethical or unlawful behavior by a public servant or government entity can be reported to the UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation following this link: Click here

You can also read the FAGHR’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for UAE federal employees.

Yes, MoF welcomes constructive discussions and values contributions to develop its programmes and services. 

Discrimination in all forms – religion, race, caste, colour or gender – is against the law in the UAE. Any concerns or violations can be reported online to the Ministry of Interior here: Complaints Service