MoF Strategy

MoF Strategic Plan 2023-2026

An ambitious strategy for a promising future

MoF Strategic Goals

In line with the vision of the UAE government, the Ministry of Finance prepared its strategic plan 2023-2026 in line with future plans and aspirations and in harmony with national and global trends
The Ministry was keen to focus on financial empowerment, sustainability, national flexibility, foresight, innovation and artificial intelligence to enhance the march of excellence and improve work in the federal government

Global leadership in public finance and sustainable growth

Management of financial resources for the federal government and its development through sustainable and sustainable financial policies, representing the financial interests of the state at the international level and building distinguished internal capabilities

  • Team Spirit

    We work as one integrated team, diverse skills and competencies, which sustains the spirit of support and cooperation in a work environment that prevails in respect and the atmosphere of the same family, and we adopt effective communication, flexibility and justice.

  • Leadership and Excellence

    We work to be an example to be followed in all areas of our work and we adhere to the highest international standards and outperform the best practices in order to achieve achievements that take us towards the future.


    We have the ability to anticipate, anticipate and respond to continuous changes, by introducing new strategies and preparing to face rapidly emerging opportunities.


    We focus on achieving the results and outputs that delight all the categories of those concerned, and contribute effectively to achieving the happiness of individuals and society and enhancing the quality of their lives in a sustainable way.


    We adhere to the environment of work that allows symmetry among everyone in rights and duties without discrimination, and we provide equal treatment for all categories of those concerned.

  • Integrity and Transparency

    We adhere to a work environment that allows openness to work teams and adopts the ease of communication and free exchange of information and ideas, and we adopt the clarity of procedures and operations to support trust between employees, raise self -censorship and enhance integrity.


First Strategic Goal

Strategic projects related to the goal

  • Designing a public finance roadmap
  • Enhance analytical capabilities and ensure sound financial management


Second Strategic Goal

Strategic projects related to the goal

  • Manage public debt
  • Design balanced tax policies that are up to date with the local and international developments


Third Strategic Goal

Strategic projects related to the goal

  • Design Financial Emergency Response and Recovery Framework
  • Developing a program of cooperation with financial ministries worldwide in the field of public finances

Main Goals


First Goal

Periodic tasks associated with the goal

  • Develop the financial planning of the federal government
  • Ensure fiscal sustainability and manage risk
  • Prepare and review financial laws and policies


Second Goal

Periodic tasks associated with the goal

  • Management and follow-up of committees and government financial interests in companies, institutions and organizations.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of the business environment


Third Goal

Periodic tasks associated with the goal

  • Promote financial interests at the international level
  • Activate the opportunities and advantages of joint GCC financial and economic integration
  • Develop and strengthen relations in international tax issues


Fourth Goal

Periodic tasks associated with the goal

  • Improve and develop mechanisms and tools for budget preparation and implementation
  • Manage and govern financial data
  • Prepare and manage the financial operations of the federal government
  • Manage digital procurement platform

Government Enablers


Attract and enable talents and provide effective and efficient institutional services and digital structure

  • MoF Leaders & Future Skills
  • Design a framework to attract and retain competencies and talents
  • Develop MoF AI framework
  • Manage financial resources efficiently and effectively
  • Procurement management according to international best practices
  • Applying best human resource practices
  • Ensuring the application of quality standards and institutional excellence
  • Ensure the achievement of internal and external communication
  • Applying global best practices in leadership
  • Developing and developing the strategic plan and measuring performance
  • Providing the best legal services
  • Providing the latest information technology services
  • Providing common services to all organizational units with high efficiency


Promote innovation practices based on agility, preemptiveness and readiness at the workplace

  • Establish best in class innovation and change-management practices
  • Corporate innovation management
  • Forecasting the future