MoF Strategy

MoF Strategic Plan 2017-2021

An ambitious strategy for a promising future

MoF Strategic Goals

Six strategic goals were defined by the fourth strategic cycle; and each strategic goal consists of a number of initiatives to ensure its full implementation.
Below are the strategic goals and the initiatives:​


First Strategic Goal

  • Develop the strategic fiscal planning in the federal government

  • General fiscal sustainability and risk management

  • Develop an environment that fosters innovation in the federal government

  • Develop a framework to collect data, and create the processes and tools for​ fiscal planning

  • Build fiscal and economic capacities in the federal government


Second Strategic Goal

  • Develop creative effective mechanisms to follow up implementation of UAE public expenses

  • Develop creative and effective mechanisms to follow up on the implementation of collection of UAE public revenues

  • Manage the financial position and cash flow of the federal government

  • Develop the framework with the Prime Minister’s Office to report and evaluate the federal bodies’ performance and their financing by the UAE general budget


Third Strategic Goal

  • Develop and improve the relations with international financial organisations and institutions

  • Develop and promote international financial relations bilaterally

  • Activate opportunities and advantages of GCC joint financial and economic integration


Fourth Strategic Goal

  • Promote the coordination of fiscal policies and statements at a national level

  • Review and enact the fiscal policies and laws

  • Protect the integrity of the UAE’s financial system


Fifth Strategic Goal

  • Manage financial resources effectively and efficiently

  • Manage procurement as per the best international practices

  • Apply the best HR practices

  • Ensure implementation of quality standards and organisational excellence

  • Develop strategic plans and performance measurements

  • Ensure achievement of internal and external communication

  • Provide the latest IT services

  • Provide the best legal services

  • Apply the best international leadership practices

  • Provide joint services for all organisational units in a highly effective manner


Sixth Strategic Goal

  • Build capacities of employees in innovation

  • Adopt the most recent tools and means of innovation in the Ministry

  • Create an innovative and stimulating environment​​​​