Providing support regarding accounting support requests of the Federal Entities

The request shall be submitted by the accountants of the Federal Entities through the technical support system regarding inquiries and accounting problems in addition to technical and accounting Value added Tax (VAT) queries (in the chart of accounts, requests for the creation of items or any other accounting problem, VAT Reports & Returns, VAT Implications on Financial Transactions and related accounting treatment ... etc.) to be solved and responded by technical team


  • Submit the application through the online system
  • Submitting an accounting / Tax technical support request/ Request for coding and classifying items/ Requesting technical support for federal entities regarding warehouse affairs/ Responding to inquiries from federal authorities related to payments, salaries, purchases, and housing
  • Resolve the request by Ministry of Finance technical team through the online system


No fees

Duration of service provision

Accounting or technical tax support:
6 Working days

Classifying items/technical support regarding warehouse affairs:
3 Working days

Requests for accounting inquiry:
5 working days

Target Audience

Government Sector

Responsible Department

Financial Operations

Location of service provision


Responsible Officer

Call Center 800533336

Requirements to get the service

Technical support for eAsset:

  • The request is submitted by federal entities for technical support regarding warehouse affairs through the eAsset system



Required Documents

Not Available